• To enable the bond between
    pets and humans for a lifetime

  • What we do

    Our position as an online retailer for pet products gives us insights into customer trends, behavior and shopping needs. This helps us develop new and interesting products and not just meet, but exceed expectations across pet care categories.


    Over the last three decades, global pet ownership has increased from 56% to 68%, with USA alone having about 85 million pet-owning households and South-East Asia growing rapidly. This enables us to use our insights to create a better market for pet products and services.

  • A brand for

    every pet

    With pet ownership nearly doubling across the world and pet care industry booming as a result, there has never been a better time to be a company with a balanced portfolio of strong pet care brands. We like to think of ourselves as pet lovers, innovators and pioneers who use data-driven insights to anticipate pet owner needs and preferences. This enables us to develop exciting products to fulfil pet care needs and strengthen the bond with pets through meaningful experiences.

  • Work with us

    We started with digital, and that’s who we are at our core – a diverse group of techies with innovation in our DNA and passion for pet care. We share a vision to develop products and technology, balance supply chain and business, and launch products even before our consumers realise they need them. Our drive to go the extra mile enables us to deliver new and exciting products for our customers and their pets.