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    We are always looking for people who are passionate about pets, and have the unique ability to convert data into consumer insight-driven innovations.
    Do you also love bringing new perspectives to products, tech, marketing and logistics?

    Can you balance that with a deep understanding of pets, design, and tech?
    If its a big 'Yes!', we'd love to hear from you!

  • Why 25 Holdings?

    The industry of the future.

    Across the world, people are falling in love with pets. About 62% of millennials and Gen Z are growing up and into a pet-owning and pet-passionate lifestyle. Almost double than that of baby boomers.

    Customer centricity is our pet passion.

    We are innovators, digital natives and retailers whose passion for pets and focus on technology has led us to offer 200+ private labels and a data-driven product range curated in-house.

    Our culture.

    We are a diverse team and embrace different nationalities in an open office that helps us ideate, learn, share and win together. We encourage our teams to work as a whole, and empower every individual to think like an entrepreneur with clear objectives and the mission to create value in everything they do.

    Work space.

    Our office is designed to give the space needed to come up with outstanding work. It’s the space to think, to create, to innovate and of course, to bring along a pet for companionship and constant inspiration for making the world a pet-friendly space!

  • “Love the pet-friendly environment and fun-loving colleagues! Perromart allows me to pick up new skills all the time!"

    Magdalene Lee
    Brands Manager - Singapore

    "Interesting work culture and a fun working environment! We're taught to balance work and play. I'll always look forward to contributing and being part of this amazing team."

    Chloe J Moin
    Marketing Executive - Malaysia

    "Teamwork and going the extra mile is the best practice in the company.

    I love how Perromart values my worth and helps me achieve my goals beyond expectations."

    Jamie Hiponia

    Senior Customer Experience Executive - Singapore

    "I love how our people create meaningful journey and

    memorable experiences within our team and with our customers.

    Life at twentyfive is purpose-driven and that's what makes

    every minute of being here enjoyable!"

    Shasta Mangulabnan

    People Lead - Singapore & Malaysia

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