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  • Our mission is to enable the bond between pets and humans for a lifetime.

    There is no relationship as selfless and rewarding as the one between pets and pet parents. We at 25 Holdings have made it our mission to celebrate this bond of unconditional love. This mission drives us to innovate products, source new brands and create the most holistic way of making pet ownership fun, fulfilling and enduring.

  • Our Team

    Roy Lim

    Director & Co-Founder

    Hideki Fujita

    Director & Co-Founder

    Lynette Chan

    Finance Lead

    Magdalene Lee

    Brand Manager

    Eshwar Raj

    Operations Lead

    Jean Fang

    Social Media Manager

    Kayla Ann Ocampo

    Category Manager

    Mance Ardina

    Customer Service Executive

    Joe Tran

    Business Analyst

    Edmund Chang

    Digital Marketing Executive

    Han Shi Jia

    Category Manager

    Max Luo

    Brand Manager

    Adriel Ramli

    Customer Service Executive

    Krysia Ng

    Marketing Specialist

    May Thweoo

    Admin Executive

    Shasta Mangulabnan

    People Operations Manager

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